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This is me..

Godfrey Kirumira having a light moment

" The commitment towards positive transformation of the people and society around me underscores a philosophy that resonates with my roles as a father, visionary entrepreneur, and diplomat. "

- Honorary Consul Godfrey Kirumira Kalule

I am Godfrey Kirumira, an accomplished businessman, philanthropist, and the esteemed Honorary Consul of Namibia to Uganda.

Driven by the unwavering determination for collective success and prosperity, I believe in the power of strategic vision, monk-like dedication, and empowerment of others to create lasting impact in society. This mantra that underlies all my endeavors.

Welcome to my extraordinary journey.

Honorary Consul Godfrey Kirumira at State House
H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni with the Namibian High Commissioner to Uganda H.E
Gideon Kirumira at State House Fundraiser
Namibian Delegation with Honorary Consul Godfrey Kirumira
Chairman Godfrey Kirumira with Businessman Mr. Kajoba
Chairman Kirumira & Hajji Hamis
Chairman Godfrey Kirumira and wife
Godfrey Kirumira  and son Gideon
Chairman Godfrey Kirumira light moment with wife


Rooted in strong family values, I am blessed with an incredible family that makes me cherish my role as a father and husband.


I take pride in all my children who have brought immense joy and inspiration on my success journey. The love and support I receive from them and their loving mothers has further enriched my life, fostering a sense of unity and purpose. 


It goes without saying that I come from a lineage of exceptional individuals.


My late mother, Princess Zawedde Joyce Nakimbugwe, was a revered educator, while my late father, Mr. Muhammad Kirumira, left an indelible mark as a successful businessman in the world of general merchandise and trade. 



Born on the day Uganda attained its independence, my journey has been intertwined with the nation's growth and aspirations together with a family built on entrepreneurial spirit and my relentless pursuit of excellence, are all factors among others have propelled me to a renowned business magnate, philanthropist, and leader.

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