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Celebrating Chairman Kirumira's Nomination: A New Chapter for Uganda-Namibia Business Relations

Embracing a New Era: Chairman Godfrey Kirumira's Nomination as Honorary Consul of Namibia in Uganda

The business community in Kampala is buzzing with anticipation as Chairman Godfrey Kirumira's nomination as Consul of Namibia to Uganda unfolds.

This nomination promises to usher in a new chapter of vibrant business relations between the two nations, creating avenues for investment, partnerships, and economic growth and he equally shared the same excitement.

Here's the read.

Dear esteemed readers and business enthusiasts,

I am thrilled to share the exciting news of my nomination as the Consul of Namibia to Uganda. This prestigious appointment marks a significant milestone in the strengthening of bilateral relations between our nations and sets the stage for remarkable opportunities in trade, investment, and collaboration.

As Chairman of the Kwagalana Group and a seasoned entrepreneur, I am committed to fostering a new era of vibrant business relations between Namibia and Uganda. This nomination reflects the trust placed in me by both nations and serves as a testament to our shared vision of promoting mutual prosperity.

One of the key objectives of this role is to facilitate seamless business interactions, promote investment opportunities, and provide support to companies exploring cross-border ventures.

As Honorary Consul, I will work tirelessly to connect businesses, share valuable insights, and navigate the intricacies of trade between Namibia and Uganda. This nomination also presents an opportunity to strengthen cultural ties and enhance people-to-people exchanges.

I firmly believe that fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other's cultures and traditions will pave the way for lasting partnerships and collaborations.

I am humbled by the overwhelming support and enthusiasm expressed by the business community in Kampala.

Together, we can leverage this nomination to create a conducive environment for trade, spur economic growth, and build bridges of friendship between Namibia and Uganda.

I invite you to join me on this remarkable journey of exploring new horizons, forging meaningful connections, and embracing a new era of collaboration between our nations.

Thank you for your unwavering support.

Warm regards,

Chairman Godfrey Kirumira



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