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The name Godfrey Kirumira is synonymous with business success and power among Kampala’s Business circles.

And as the scriptures say to those who have more will be added unto them which exactly has been the case for Business Mogul Godfrey Kirumira who was in May this year appointed Honorary Consul for Namibia in Uganda.

The renowned Business Mogul later presented his credentials to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before State Minster for Foreign Affairs Hon. Okello Oryem who congratulated Kirumira upon his new appointment and asserted it will go a long way in strengthening relations between Uganda and Namibia.

Later in June this year now Country Consul (CC) in his new Diplomatic role with all the credentials in hand threw one of the most lavish parties Uganda has been this year to celebrate his new appointment.

Held at the lavish and luxurious Speke Common Wealth Resort Munyonyo, Godfrey Kirumira was at his new best as Diplomat in dressing, presentation plus the splendor and class this dinner party exhibited.

Attracting almost all of the cream of Uganda’s Business, Political, Security and Public Service elite, it was a classy and well curated re-introduction of H.C Godfrey Kirumira the Diplomat to his many friends, associates and acquaintances in Kampala’s high places.

In the just concluded month of August H.C Godfrey Kirumira alongside other newly accredited Diplomats presented their Credentials to President Yoweri Museveni at State House cementing his place with in Uganda’s exclusive Diplomatic circles.

Known for being the Chairman of the all powerful Kwagalana group which brings together the top businessmen and women operating with in Kampala’s Central Business District and their Associates, H.C Godfrey Kirumira has raised the bar a notch higher among his peers by stepping up into the closely knit diplomatic circles.

Godfrey Kirumira’s business interests are quite diverse as he has interests in hospitality through hotels like Hotel International Muyenga, vast real estate holdings that include a number of buildings with in down town Kampala including Kirumira towers, and a number of other prominent malls.

According to trusted sources, the veteran businessman is also a seasoned trader in commodity, import and export with interests in fuel products, petrol stations, being one of them with other interests in private security, telecoms infrastructure, agriculture, light processing and education among other businesses.

Speaking to this Publication exclusively about his new Appointment as Honorary Consul of Namibia to Uganda, H.C Godfrey Kirumira said;

“I am honored and I will work hard to improve trade and tourism between the two countries Uganda and Namibia. I also urge Ugandan Entrepreneurs to reach out and explore opportunities in Namibia plus those who would love to visit and see new places the other side, together with my team at the consulate, we shall be helpful.”


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