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Inaugurating Nshekanabo Chambers: A Tribute to Legal Eminence

The month of October has started with a bliss as Kampala witnessed a gathering of distinguished individuals, the crème de la crème of Uganda's business and legal elite, at the grand inauguration of Nshekanabo and Advocates chambers in the serene neighborhood of Munyonyo.

Godfrey Kirumira attends Nshekanabo Chambers Inauguration

The event, held at the prestigious Nshekanabo Close in the Wankaaki Estates building, Makindye Division, marked the formal opening of this prominent legal institution. Honored by the presence of eminent personalities, the occasion was graced by the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Thomas Tayebwa, who emphasized the societal importance of legal professionals in promoting unity and harmony.

The legal fraternity was notably represented by Justice Geoffrey Kiryabwire of the Court of Appeal and Buganda Road Chief Magistrate Gladys Kamasanyu, along with numerous senior lawyers, all joining in celebrating the achievement of their colleague, Francis Nshekanabo.

Nshekanabo Chambers Inauguration

As Namibia's Consul in Uganda, I was honored to represent the business community at this event, reinforcing the close ties between our nations. The guest list boasted illustrious names, including Prince David Wasajja and Ambassador Steven Kaboyo, further underlining the event's significance.

Beyond the legal sphere, the occasion brought together influential figures such as Paul Ssembatya Mulundannume, Joseph Yiga, Emmanuel Katongole, and Hammis Kiggundu, to name just a few. Together, we explored the chambers, a symbol of dedication and professionalism, and received blessings from Msgr. John Wynand Katende, the patron of Kwagalana Group.

Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa's words resonated deeply as he urged lawyers not to view the law solely as a means to accumulate wealth but as a tool for building relationships and fostering unity.

This resonates with my belief that law, diplomacy, and business must converge to create a better future for our nations. Together, we can harness the power of law not just for financial gain but for the greater good of our societies.

Here's to Nshekanabo Chambers and its noble pursuit of justice and unity.



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