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A Gateway to Business Prosperity: Seizing the NAM and G77 Summits.

As we stand on the threshold of an extraordinary opportunity, I am compelled to share insights on the immense possibilities that the upcoming Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and Group of 77 (G77) summits present to our vibrant business community.

These gatherings, scheduled from January 15 to 20 and January 21 to 23, respectively, are not just diplomatic events; they are corridors to economic prosperity and global collaboration.

As the Honorary Consul of Namibia to Uganda and Chairperson of Kwagalana Group, I echo the sentiment of Thaddeus Musoke of KACITA that emphasized the potential partnerships and collaborations that could emerge from these summits and further stress the need for strategic preparedness to fully exploit the vast opportunities.

The government's meticulous preparations and Sudhir Ruparelia's commendable work on the Munyonyo Convention Centre set the stage for a remarkable showcase. It's our chance to deepen bilateral cooperation and expand our global networks.

A Namibian delegation, led by Vice-President Dr. Nangolo Mbumba, will grace the occasion, offering an excellent chance for our business community to engage with our Namibian counterparts. Beyond the obvious economic benefits, these summits provide a platform to spotlight Uganda's potential in trade and tourism.

As hotels brim with delegates, our business community can tap into this influx, turning it into a boon for our economy. I commend the government's infrastructural enhancements, a testament to our commitment to hosting world-class events.

With over 5,000 hotel rooms booked and 1,500 delegates expected, this is not just a diplomatic achievement but an economic opportunity. Let's position ourselves to reap the rewards and showcase Uganda's vibrant business landscape to the world.

The countdown has begun; let's make it a gateway to prosperity.

Best Regards,

Godfrey Kirumira,

Honorary Consul of Namibia in Uganda.



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