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Promoting Cross Border Engagement: Special message from the Honorary Consul Godfrey Kirumira

As the new Honorary Consul of Namibia in Uganda, I am honored to serve as a bridge between our two nations. I would like to share with you my vision and commitment to promoting cross-cultural, business, and trade engagements.

The aforesaid all play a crucial role in fostering understanding, cooperation, and mutual respect between countries. It is through dialogue, collaboration, and meaningful partnerships that we can address shared challenges and seize opportunities for growth and development.

My primary objective is to strengthen the cross-border ties between Uganda and Namibia, and to explore new avenues of cooperation that will benefit both nations.

One of the key aspects of these planned engagements is the promotion of mutually beneficial dialogue and information exchange at various levels. This includes regular businessmen and investor exchanges, meetings, and consultations between the concerned government officials.

Through these interactions, we'll deepen the understanding of each other's perspectives, identify areas of common interest, and find solutions to common challenges.

The sole purpose of these multilateral and cross-border interactions is economic cooperation. Namibia and Uganda both boast of immense potential for numerous investment opportunities in sectors such as mining, agriculture, tourism, renewable energy, and manufacturing.

We'll actively seek to attract investors from both nations to explore these opportunities and contribute to the economic growth of both countries. The Honorary Consulate will therefore provide support and guidance to businesses interested in expanding their operations or establishing partnerships in Namibia and vice versa.

Cultural exchanges will also play a significant role in promoting mutual understanding and appreciation between our two nations. We'll organize cultural events, exhibitions, and performances that showcase the rich traditions, art, music, and cuisines of the two nations.

These events will provide an opportunity for Ugandans to experience Namibian culture firsthand and vice versa, fostering cultural appreciation and building lasting friendships.

In addition to these efforts, the Honorary Consulate will be committed to facilitating people-to-people exchanges, educational cooperation, and tourism promotion. We'll actively support initiatives that enhance educational opportunities for students, encourage tourism exchanges, and promote collaboration between academic institutions.

I invite you to stay connected with the Namibian Consulate in Uganda through our website, social media channels, and regular updates on my blog. We will share information on upcoming events, policy announcements, success stories, and opportunities for engagement.

Honorary Consul GK



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